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About Dianne

Dianne Ney Totten
Handwoven Wearables

I have always enjoyed working with fiber.  I learned to sew at a young age and enjoyed making most of my wardrobe.  I often thought – “if only I could make my own fabric.”  The reality of that thought materialized many years later when my husband surprised me with a loom one Christmas.

Most garments I create start with a “vision.”  Selecting the yarns and the weave structure to best carry out that vision can take a few days to several weeks.  Sampling a variety of options leads to a final choice for the fabric.  When the fabric is off the loom and the finishing process is complete, I make the pattern to enhance the design features of the cloth.

My latest endeavor is to make garments that utilize a technique called handwoven shibori that is traditionally used to dye fabric.  Instead, I modify the technique to create permanently pleated or “crimped” fabric.  This pleating takes the place of knitted ribbing in some of my garments.  In others, it is used for the entire garment, creating a flattering fit and a unique look.

I love to work with pattern, structure, and color.  The satisfaction from conquering the challenge is the motivation for the next piece.

Please click here to download my resumé.


One comment on “About Dianne

  1. Chris Vuco
    September 20, 2015

    Hi Diane, I recently purchased both your woven Shibori DVDs making and sewing crimped cloth. I am very excited about starting to make plans for my winter weaving. You have given me some new ideas on different threading to use. What I wanted to ask is; do you prefer using one over the other when it comes to Orlon or Polyester? I had not heard of using Orlon and could not find anything on the internet to compare the two. I thank you in advance for any feedback or reference to resource material. Happy Weaving — chris

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